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Ear pinning in Southlake is a type of facial cosmetic surgery usually performed to correct structural deformities of the ear. It is also called otoplasty and can be used to address the size, shape, and position of the ears. Kids and adults can undergo the procedure to enhance overall appearance or improve function.

What Is Ear Pinning?

The reshaping of the pinna, or outer ear, is usually done on children to correct birth defects or deformities caused by injuries. Irregularities or an unnatural appearance of the exterior ear can hinder proper hearing, which is why some patients as young as 5 years old are considered for otoplasty.

Am I a Good Candidate for Ear Pinning?

Ear deformities are not only frustrating, they can also be psychologically traumatic, especially to young children. People who think their ears are too prominent for their face can benefit from ear surgery.

Otoplasty is performed for several types of genetic defects, such as constricted ear, hidden ear, telephone ear, big ears (macrotia), or small ears (microtia).

Individuals with Stahl’s ear, a rare congenital condition which makes the ear look pointed, are ideal candidates for reconstructive otoplasty surgery. Children with Stahl’s ear can go under the knife even at four years of age.

Your Ear Pinning Consultation

Discuss your concerns and expectations with Dr. Ameen Habash during your consultation. He will examine your ears and overall facial structure to determine how much needs to be done. Recommendations and limitations, if there are any, will be set forth as well. Pre-operative and post-operative photos will be taken during this time.

The Procedure

Ear pinning is a relatively safe procedure which will start with the administration of anesthesia. This will keep you in a state of sleep while Dr. Habash performs the surgery. Incisions will be made in less obvious areas of your ears, and then tissues will be removed or repositioned.
Depending on the condition, the whole surgery might take a few hours to complete. During this time, your vital signs will be closely monitored.

The Recovery and Healing Process

You might wake up to a heavily padded and bandaged head, which will be vital to your recovery process. The fluff bandage helps retain the new shape of the ear and should be worn for a few days until it can be replaced with regular bandages.

Swelling and bruising is normal in the next few days after surgery. To hasten recovery, it is best to stay away from any activities that could potentially reopen your incisions. Avoid extreme heat, such as using hair dryers, and do not use shampoo for one week after surgery.

Children may need to stay home for a week, while adults can go back to work in several days.

Ear Pinning Cost

The price of otoplasty will depend on the condition you want to address, along with the total procedure time and exact techniques utilized. Functional otoplasty may be covered by health insurance providers. Consult with Dr. Habash to find out more about the total cost of the ear pinning procedure.

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