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Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is a major surgery in which Dr. Ameen Habash rebuilds one or both breasts to restore their appearance. Patients who are in need of mastectomy surgery due to breast cancer may be considering breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Southlake.

This procedure is typically done during or soon after a mastectomy or a lumpectomy to address existing breast cancer. It can also be performed in cases where the breast or breasts have to be removed due to the high likelihood of cancer in the future.

What Is Involved in This Process?

Breast reconstruction is a major surgery done under a general anesthetic, and patients may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

More often than not, women will likely only need reconstruction of one breast. In some cases, however, women also choose to have the other breast removed to avoid the risk of cancer in the future. This is called a double mastectomy.

When one of the breasts has to be removed, breast reconstruction will be done in such a way that the surgeon matches the new breast with the existing one. The goal is to create a breast that looks and feels as natural in symmetry and shape as the original breast. Follow-ups may be needed to make adjustments, but typically, this isn’t the case.

In cases where a patient has to go through radiation therapy after breast removal, the reconstruction isn’t done immediately. This is because radiation treatment can affect the newly reconstructed breast adversely. Creating new breasts can instead be done several months after radiation is completed.

Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction after mastopexy can be achieved using a number of methods. The best method for each patient will depend on the exact details of their case and their treatment.

The flap method uses autologous tissue, which is natural tissue from the patient’s own body. This method transplants tissue from the abdomen, back, buttocks, or thighs into the chest cavity. Blood vessels are reconnected to ones in the region of the chest.

The other option is to reconstruct the breast using a prosthetic breast implant. This involves a silicone or saline implant being placed either above or beneath the muscles.

Tissue Expanders

To reconstruct the breast, a tissue expander may need to be used. A tissue expander is a temporary prosthetic device that is filled with saline gradually over the course of several visits. As it is filled, it safely stretches the skin that was saved when the breast was removed.

This process is used to create space for implants or for tissue from another part of the patient’s body. Once the expansion is complete, the tissue expander is removed.

The Recovery Process

The healing process after breast reconstruction varies based on the particulars of the surgery or surgeries. It can take at least six weeks before you will be able to return to your daily activities.

During this time, you will need to take pain-control medication as prescribed. It will be necessary to avoid heavy lifting and other physically taxing activities. Bruising and swelling are normal and will fade in time.

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