Breast Cancer Treatment

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Breast cancer treatment is an important procedure to eliminate the cancer cells in the breast area. For women, breast cancer surgery will result in asymmetric and undesirable breast aesthetics. Breast reconstruction often follows after the treatment. Women visit Dr. Ameen Habash for breast reconstruction in Southlake.

Breast cancer treatment is performed by removing a part of the breast or the entire breast. The amount of breast tissue removed will vary depending on the area affected by cancer cells.

The breast reconstruction techniques used by Dr. Habash will depend on the goals of the patient and the condition of their breast after the breast cancer treatment.

Breast Conservation Therapy

A lumpectomy is a removal of the cancer tissue alone, leaving residual unaffected breast tissue. It can be done alone or with simultaneous oncoplastic reduction; the scar pattern can be modified to facilitate cancer excision.

  • Benefits
    1. Can facilitate cancer removal with increased surgical access for a breast surgeon
    2. Maintain symmetry
    3. Typically maintain sensation to breast and nipple
    4. Single-stage, outpatient procedure
  • Limitations
    1. Some cancers are not amenable to lumpectomy
    2. Will require radiation therapy
    3. Will require continued mammograms for surveillance


This requires the removal of all the breast tissue typically including the nipple as well. If a mastectomy is decided upon or required, reconstruction is an option for the patient. Reconstruction can be done as a unilateral or bilateral procedure.

  • Benefits
    1. Eliminate the need for radiation therapy in most patients
    2. No longer require mammograms for surveillance
  • Limitations
    1. A more invasive procedure, losing sensation to the breast and nipple
    2. If breast reconstruction after mastectomy is desired, it may require multiple staged procedure


Oncoplastic Reduction

This is a coordinated surgery between the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon to facilitate cancer removal and do a simultaneous breast reduction and lift.

The location and size of the cancer will dictate the scar location and size, the degree of reduction, and lift.

Oncoplastic Reduction Illustration


Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

** Goal of reconstruction is to maintain a degree of size/shape symmetry and proportionality to the rest of the body

** Timing and type of reconstruction can typically be combined in any scenario depending on the patient desires, type of cancer and patient’s treatment regimen


  1. Immediate – initiated at the time of the mastectomy
    • more commonly desired by the patient
  2. Delayed- initiated after the patient has completed cancer treatment
    • Reasons to delay reconstruction
      • Oncologist treatment plan, most prominently need for radiation therapy even after mastectomy
      • Other medical risk factors: obesity, diabetes, smoking, radiation
      • Access your risks now:
      • Psychological state of the patient


  1. Implant-based – typically a two-stage procedure; a temporary tissue expander (spacer) is placed at the time of mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, volume is slowly added to the tissue expander in the office and once the desired volume is reached a second surgical procedure is performed to exchange the tissue expander for a permanent implant
    • Benefits
      • Relative short surgical procedure with a slightly shorter recovery
      • No additional scars
    • Limitations
      • Aging process of implant reconstructed breast, more pronounced with a unilateral procedure
      • Requires patient comfort with implant and implant long-term maintenance
    Implant-Based Reconstruction
  2. Autologous-based – utilizing the patient’s own tissue from another part of the body to reconstruct the breast, abdomen is currently the most commonly used donor site, other options include the thigh, buttock, or back
    • Benefits
      • Ages more naturally than an implant, responding to weight gain/loss
      • No implant maintenance
    • Limitations
      • Slightly longer surgical procedure with the longer recovery process and hospital stay
      • Additional scars required
    Autologous-Based Reconstruction

Recent modifications with surgical cancer treatment, which can impact reconstructive options:

  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy
  • Single stage direct to implant
  • Pre-pectoral implant reconstruction

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction can be done surgically or with tattooing; most people today are opting for 3D nipple tattooing.

Nipple Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

In most cases, the patient can go home after a few days of rest in the hospital. The patient will need to wear a supportive surgical bra to aid in the healing process. Drains may be placed to deal with fluid buildup during the recovery period.

Pain and discomfort will be experienced for the first few weeks after the surgery. The patient will be provided with prescriptions for medication to deal with pain and prevent infection. They will also be given recovery instructions to follow closely.

Normal activities will be allowed after six to eight weeks. The breast area must not experience pressure or trauma during the recovery process.

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled so that Dr. Habash can ensure a proper healing process without any complications.

“I thank God he came into my life”

I met Dr. Habash in May, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went to him for reconstructive surgery. He went over the pros and cons of alternate procedures and spent a long time discussing these with me. Being a nurse, I wanted to make my own decisions, but he was so respectful, empathetic, kind and knowledgeable that he won me over to his plan. And I’m so glad he did. He was an incredible find, particularly since I was limited to an HMO network. He went out of his way to respond to any concerns I had and the breast surgeries were successful and resulted in minimal scars. I thank God he came into my life. Wow, what can I also say about Shannon, his assistant! Nothing was too much for her to take care of, and she was always friendly and nice.

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Breast Reconstruction Cost

The cost of breast reconstruction surgery in Southlake will be covered by the patient’s health insurance provider. The exact price will depend on the specific techniques used, anesthesia fees, and other factors.

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