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Body contouring after weight loss in Southlake is a way to reshape and tone the body by removing excess skin and stubborn fat deposits. There are several procedures used for post-weight-loss body contouring, including arm lifts (brachioplasty), tummy tucks, lower body lifts, butt lifts, thigh lifts (thighplasty), breast lifts, and liposuction.

Achieving your ideal weight is exciting. You may have gotten the results you wanted through diet, exercise, or bariatric surgery. Nonetheless, after losing a significant amount of weight, you may notice extra hanging skin, stretch marks, and pockets of excess stubborn fat.

Body contouring corrects these issues. It also aids in maintaining the hygiene of the skin and prevents skin inflammations such as rashes and infections that are prone to occur in skin folds.

Why Does Excess Skin Form After Weight Loss?

When a person gains weight and the fat cells in their body increase in size, the skin must grow to accommodate this new volume. Dramatic weight loss removes this volume, and the expanded skin must then shrink back down. This is a difficult and in some cases impossible task, especially when the skin has a low degree of elasticity.

Working out cannot retighten excess skin or restore elasticity; only a cosmetic procedure can tighten sagging skin. Body contouring is a surgical method of removing this skin tissue and tightening the remaining tissue so it can better fit the new contours of the underlying area.

Your Initial Consultation

Before you can undergo body contouring after weight loss, you will need to meet with Dr. Ameen Habash in Southlake and discuss your aesthetic goals. Dr. Habash will perform an examination and will ask you about your complete medical history, including any allergies you have, any past procedures, and any supplements or medications you are taking.

After this, Dr. Habash will have a deeper understanding of the types of procedures that will be right for your body-contouring session. He will discuss your options with you, and once you have made your decision, a date can be set for the surgery.

The Surgical Session

The amount of time required to perform body contouring after weight loss varies depending on the number of surgical techniques involved. In some cases, multiple surgical sessions may be required.

The procedure in Southlake will begin with the administration of either general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. Incisions will then be created. For liposuction, the incisions will be quite small, but for skin-tissue removal, larger incisions will be necessary.

The skin will be lifted, and excess skin will be excised using a scalpel. Liposuction may be used to remove stubborn fat. This involves the insertion of a cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end), which is used to loosen fat cells and then remove them via medical suction. The remaining skin will be redraped tightly, and then incisions will be closed with stitches.

Recovery and Healing

After body-contouring surgery, patients often require a night or two of hospital stay. Wearing post-surgical elastic garments is encouraged since these encourage the skin to better fit the body’s contours and help to control swelling and bruising.

Body Contouring

It will be necessary to take some time off from work, and for several weeks, patients cannot participate in physically taxing activities like sports and strenuous exercise routines. Activities like these can cause injuries to the incisions during healing, resulting in a prolonged recovery process.

How Much Does Body Contouring After Weight Loss Cost?

Because the exact surgeries involved in body contouring depend on the desires of each patient, the price of the procedure varies from case to case. Additional factors that affect cost include the amount of tissue removed and the time required to perform the surgery.

Find Out More

Dr. Ameen Habash performs effective and long-lasting body contouring after weight loss for Southlake patients. If you are interested in learning more, contact our office and set up your informative and helpful consultation.

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