I became a patient of Dr Ameen Habash after being diagnosed with breast cancer and electing to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Dr. Habash did the reconstruction portion of the surgery. My new breasts look great, both in shape and size with the scars barely visible (especially after doing the nipple tattoo).

Dr Habash has been a member of my cancer treatment team since early in the process and could not have been more positive, attentive, educational and supportive. He took time during each appointment (pre op. and post op.) to explain in detail where we were in the process, set realistic expectation and explained what was to come next. During each of these appointments he not only took care of my physical (medical) needs, he also acknowledged and discussed the emotional turmoil associated with cancer and mastectomy. My husband and I left his office after each visit feeling more positive and better prepared to handle the next step.

Dr Habash was instrumental in my recovery process and consistently demonstrated that my well being was his top priority. I am so thankful for having Dr Ameen Habash as my plastic surgeon.